About us

InfiniteGames is an indie videogame studio with its roots in Aragón. The idea of creating a development study arose from Cristina and Néstor, our founders, who decided to chase their dreams and start this project from a Final Project. To learn from the videogame industry, we chose to create a Trivia game, because we had always enjoyed creating those for our family and friends, that´s how Titans´ Fight was born. This game, intended to mobile devices, was the one who would help us to grow and improve our skills in this competitive and complicated market.

Our motto “Revolutionary notions” contains our essence, we want to be outlandish and offer different products with a unique label: fun videogames that additionally will contribute to the society, we want to make the conventional players to consider about and offer to them our stunning experiences to be absolutely different to what users are used to. We want to join the public who wants the awakens from an industry which is currently stalled and is not innovating or risking. We will offer something different!



With our motto and our first projects in our pocket, we decided that we wanted to make us a spot into the videogames industry. We want to create great quality projects, make our team grow and be able to live from our work which we love so much, and we also want to fight for living in our land, although it is really challenging. 

Our big baby so far is Aquelooa project we have fuss over and care from the beginning. Thanks to Aqueloo we have learn more than we thought, and we won two great prizes! But it is in our actual project where we have put all our ambition, resources and determination. We are still working hard on it, so we can´t reveal a lot!

In addition of our already known projects, whave many ideas and designs in our files and we are ready and are looking forward to work on them, once we have concluded our dearest present projects as well as possible, so it´s going to be easier to face and defeat new challenges.