Aqueloo icon queloo, A Wonderful platform videogame adventure.  

InfiniteGames presents its second videogame:

Aqueloo is a platform game remarkable for its watercolour graphics, relaxing and amazing soundtrack and its unique playability.


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If you wish to try Aqueloo's demo, click the next image:


You would be able to play 4 stages, in order to have an introduction to the videogame mechanics. 

*Graphics are less quality than usual in order to adapt the game to browser mode. Please be patient. It takes some minutes to load the game!


Aqueloo is in Steam!


 Thanks all for your support in Steam Greenlight!

Steam is a videogame digital distribution platform, which offers multiplayer gaming and social networking services. Aqueloo has been approved for being in it!




Play with physics!



Perform matter changes!

At first, Aqueloo can only jump from puddle to puddle or slip through the water, avoiding all the dangers that threatens it. 

Later, Aqueloo will remember how to change its physical state and it will learn to fly (by changing into gas - cloud) and to smash its enemies (by changing into solid - ice).


The previously wonderful Aqueloo's world is threaten by pollution and destruction. We will travel through increasingly corrupted and wrecked stages.

Aqueloo awakes into an idyllic forest, travels later to a wasteland and to a desert, for finally ending in "The Corruption".

Aqueloo's Forest

Aqueloo's Forest


Aqueloo 2017-05-17 16-42-35-91.png

Aqueloo's Wasteland


Aqueloo 2017-05-12 11-36-10-95.png

Aqueloo's Desert

Every stage is composed by many different pieces, giving it a unique and rich atmosphere. Vegetation found in Aqueloo are real plants carefully and delightfully represented. Additionally, each stage has different mechanics, enemies and traps.


Aqueloo's sprites are manually draw and watecorlor painted. Animation is done with traditional techniques: composed by many different sprites, that together simulate motion:

Power bar

Powerbar animation


Aqueloo's art has suffered important changes and evolution since its beginning, until it has the perfect unique appeal, hardly developed by our artist:

Artbook compose.png

Aqueloo's Artbook example

Each world has a unique detailed atmosphere, achieved by the study of real landscapes.


Aqueloo has an amazing relaxing immersive soundtrack, composed and performed by a recognised pianist for Aqueloo. Aqueloo's OST has won "Best OST Indie Game" award at GameBoss.

You can listen here a small piece of the beautiful Aqueloo's OST: link.

Additionally, Aqueloo counts on the support of Diego Escusol, a famous talented Spanish singer-songwriter who has collaborated with one of his best songs: "Se quema el Bosque" ("The forest burns").


InfiniteGames is an independent ('Indie') videogames studio. We pursue original and different titles under the motto 'Revolutionary Notions'. InfiniteGames aims to provide something extra to society through one of the biggest and most powerful entertainment source today: videogames. We are not satisfied with just creating fun games that attract a big number of players; we want to give them something to think about, something that helps them grow as people, that don’t leave them indifferent.

Aqueloo was made by 5 experienced and talented teammates:


InfiniteGames development team



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